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Capturing Our Diversity - 3 Decades of San Francisco PRIDE Images, 180 pages of full color, perfect bound 8.5 X 8.5.
#capturingourdiversity - Available on for sale. on amazon.com

  • This past San Francisco Pride 2020, was a virtual event. I worked with Joseph Abbadi and Senator Scott Wiener for the virtual 50th Pride Anniversary here’s a link to that event.  San Francisco Pride 2020
  • The Art of PRIDE, Featuring Local LGBTQ Artists, November 1 - 27, 2019, Stephen Baumbach Gallery and Photo Studio, 4116 Matthew Dr., Palm Springs, CA
  • Genderally Speaking II, San Francisco PRIDE, Starbucks, 18th Street, San FranciscoGenderly
  • Ancient Textures of the Sevier Orogeny II, Viewpoint Photo Gallery, Sacramento, 2013
  • Ancient Textures of the Sevier Orogeny, Starbucks, 18th St., San Francisco
  • Auto Parts, Starbucks, 18th St., San Francisco
  • Aesthetic Points of Focus, Castro Tarts, San Francisco